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The most important IAS preparation books which you need in UPSC exam

The most important IAS preparation books which you need in UPSC exam

Here in this page you will find lots of books that are mostly free of cost for your ex’s and read and improve your chances of clearing the general studies paper which is part of UPSC prelim as well as UPSC mains. IAS preparation books are also available for online purchases which are exclusively available from Flipkart and Amazon. We have listed some important IAS preparation books which you can buy but we would advise you to visit our website regularly so that you will get the updated books.

Free IAS preparation books

Since there is nothing free in this world because if you want to gain something you have to pay for it.

Any book which is given for IAS exam preparation is incomplete without NCERT books. We all know that NCERT books plays a major role in your UPSC preliminary examinations but you also have to remember that UPSC preliminary examination as well as UPSC Mains examination cannot be given without the help of NCERT books. So NCERT books are available for free download on various websites which are available on the Web. So i s preparation book is incomplete without NCERT books so you must download NCERT books free download.

Importance of general studies has increased manifold with the increase in the number of papers in the IAS examinations we are talking mostly about the Mains examination but NCERT books are not only helpful in UPSC Mains examination unless you will not take the help of some other UPSC books.

NCERT books can be treated as your guide for the UPSC Mains examination and preliminary examination but they are not enough as well as all to cover all the topics. The Hindu news paper is also a good study material for UPSC preliminary examinations as well as main examination which we have to follow particular guidelines to read how to read The Hindu newspaper.

List of general studies NCERT books for IAS exam that you can download it for free

NCERT science and technology

NCERT geography

NCERT business studies

NCERT economics

NCERT Social Studies

NCERT Biology

NCERT sociology

NCERT accountancy

But we would like to recommend you that you have to buy premium NCERT gist books which are very important for UPSC.

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